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Improving results and performance

At Issue: How can I improve results and performance?

First, don?t automatically assume that training is the answer. It?s only one factor. The answer may be a combination of changes.

  • Review the direction employees receive. Are goals and projects clear? Are employees getting timely, specific feedback and coaching
  • Also look at your compensation plan. People will do what they?re rewarded or compensated for doing. For example, if you want sales growth but your plan doesn?t emphasize it, you aren?t likely to hit your goals.
  • Is the training you offer designed to change behavior or just make a quick fix? Effective training requires follow-up and coaching to improve results.

Real-world solutions from Competitive Edge HR?

Situation A:

An employee wasn?t interacting well with customers. The Manager wanted to offer telephone-skills training to several employees, so this person wasn?t singled out. After a brief consultation, we recommended the following steps first:

  • Give the employee clear information on her job responsibilities and the importance of customer interaction both to her and to the organization.
  • Provide regular coaching on progress (or lack of it) in this critical area.
  • If the first two steps didn?t work, determine the skills or behaviors that needed change and provide targeted training.
  • If the employee prefers working on her own and is methodical, another position that fit her skills should be considered.

Situation B:

A client in an industry with a short sales cycle wanted his employees to close sales faster. Since his team handled a combination of sales and customer-service activities, we built a training program that focused on both. The training included development of a sales script, identifying how to differentiate the organization in various markets, and determining which product the customer needed. Follow-up coaching further developed these skills.

The improved results paid for their investment in less than three months.


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