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Employee Retention

At Issue: How can I prevent other companies from hiring away my best people?

Competitive Edge HR can help in three ways.

We help you develop a successful compensation system including base pay and incentive/bonus programsDownload PDF A good compensation system is critical. Our approach lets you identify employees who are paid either too little or too much. Once a program is in place, annual updates insure that you maintain equity.

We also offer measurement tools, such as customized employee surveys, to identify the factors that might prompt an employee to leave.  This allows you to proactively improve processes and the management skills which can contribute to excessive turnover.

In addition, we help you select people who are the best match for the position. This comes from using excellent selection processes.  These include job analysis, identification of the critical capabilities and suitability issues.  One of these, personality profiling, increases the accuracy of a successful hire to 53 percent. Job profiling increases accuracy to 75 percent.  Find out why here. Download PDF


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