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Hiring and keeping the right people

HiringAt Issue: How do I hire and keep the right people?

Begin with planning. Results improve when you ask questions like these:

  • What positions do we need to achieve strategic goals? (Use openings as opportunities for restructuring.)
  • What specific skills, knowledge, background, and personality style are critical?
  • Where will I find the best candidates?
  • What questions determine whether they have the right skills/background?
  • What other tools or assessments should be used in hiring?
  • How do I ensure I’m in compliance with all regulations?

Real-world solutions from Competitive Edge HR...

Situation A :

The president of a small manufacturing firm needed to replace an employee who lacked the skills for success. There wasn’t an accurate job description, so we began with a job analysis and a new job description. To keep costs down, we jointly created a strategy to find candidates and develop interview questions. The client and his team implemented the strategy. RightPath Resources® Profiles helped analyze the top candidates and determine their strengths. Targeted questions by Competitive Edge HR improved the quality of the information from the reference checks.

Situation B:

A CEO wanted to know if an Operations Manager would be successful as a Sales Manager in a restructuring. We identified the key factors for success, and translated them into specific areas we should consider. Profiles were used to assess the person’s ability and willingness to develop salespeople, a key factor for success. 


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