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A little self-awareness can go a long way.

Contact us to receive any of these three set of tools.  They will help you assess your organization's critical challenges and issues.

Employee Handbook ChecklistDownload PDF

Download this free checklist to determine what your employee handbook should cover - and define what content you may need to create to complete your mission.

HR Audit

Review this form to identify many of the Labor Laws, reports,posters, records, and record keeping requirements which are necessary for your organization. 

Please be aware that the regulations which apply to your organization will vary based on a number of factors including your industry, the size of organization, your state, and your corporate status, etc.  This audit is intended as a general guideline only and should not be used without additional research or guidance on the specific regulations which apply to your organization.

Recruitment Checklist

This helpful checklist details tips, key questions for building a successful recruitment strategy and recruitment sources that organizations should consider when recruiting associates. Review this checklist to see if there are opportunities to boost your recruiting success. 

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