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Improving ROI for Training

At Issue: What are our options if our training program isn’t providing the results we need?

We hear this too often after all sorts of training (including sales, leadership, project-management, customer-service, or team-building training). Typically, a lack of results stems from one of three issues:

  • The problem was misidentified, and the training wasn’t the real issue.
  • The training wasn’t designed to change behavior or tailored for the needs of your group; only practice, coaching, and/or follow-up creates real change.
  • Internal systems or beliefs get in the way of incorporating new skills.

Real-world solutions from Competitive Edge HR...

The Situation:

An organization wanted “Advanced Coaching training” because its team had been through “Performance Management 101.” But PM101 was “event training” — participants were immersed for several days, then headed back to their jobs. There was no follow-up, goal-setting, practice, skill-development, or before and after testing. Some supervisors didn’t believe they could improve results so they continued to avoid dealing with the issues until it was a major discipline problem and the union was involved.  To solve their problem, we recommended Performance Problem Solving to build the skills and confidence the supervisors needed to deal with performance issues in the moment.  This program has a track record of success for changing behaviors. It provides simple models, incorporates practice on and off the job and build skills and a belief that the approach will work.  As a result, overall productivity improved and complaints decreased. 


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