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At Issue: What should an employee handbook include?

Handbooks can be excellent communications tools. They can be used to emphasize your vision, values and corporate culture, and provide the key information that employees need to succeed. A number of factors determine which laws apply to your organization, so we ask the right questions and adapt the handbook specifically for you. We quickly help you identify the goals for your handbook, and determine which policies should be included to operate in a safe and profitable manner.

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The Situation:

Companies in the midst of a merger needed to determine which new laws applied and which benefit policies should be incorporated in the new organization. In addition to our usual process, which includes the Employee Handbook Checklist,Download PDF we compared all previous policies and recommended options for the new firm. This approach let the key managers focus on key operational and merger issues.  They received preassembled handbooks that were designed to be easily updated and a master on CD so they could make additional copies or adapt the handbook as needed.  In addition, changes are recommended as labor laws are added or changed so Senior Management can focus on business. 


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